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The Story of John Stastny and Sun King Alpacas

JOHN B STASTNY HAS PASSED AWAY may his love of his Family and alpacas live on RIP John. John loved his alpacas and Sun King Alpacas was committed to demonstrating fine genetic science and participating in the success of a reborn industry while efficiently operating a small 3-acre ranch. He believed that success in business, excellence, and lifestyle can be found in a small operation. His goal was to help others be equally successful with small parcels of land and small herds.

The name 'Sun King' is a tribute to the great Incan society that made breeding alpacas for their exquisite fiber an art. The name Inca means Sun King. Breeders today are still trying to reclaim the fine micron counts of those ancient breeders. However, Sun King Alpacas is also located in the "sunshine" state. Therefore, naming the ranch after the star worshiped by the Incans was as natural as, well, the sun. Rest in Peace John your alpacas have gone to a good home and are being well taken care of including Michelle. Thank you Leslie and Randy

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Rest in peace

Rest in peace

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